Let’s talk ZGallerie!

Let’s talk ZGallerie!

So my favorite shop for decor (and sometimes furniture) is ZGallerie!

I will say that your taste has to be of the glam nature to really have a liking for their items. Their prices are reasonable for what they sell although you can find some of the same items on Amazon or elsewhere for cheaper (which I have resorted to at times).

If you’ve never heard of them before they sell a wide range of glam pieces for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They sell the coolest lighting fixtures and area rugs and they are the best store to go for wall art. So if you are interested in creating a serious gallery wall in your home or shop please be sure to check them out!

Oh and I need to add that they are FORVER having sales!!

Winter is near…say yes to the red lips and nails!

Winter is near…say yes to the red lips and nails!

Many may have noticed (or not) that in nearly all of my, few, posts 🙂 I wear red nail polish or lipstick in the red family. While red may not be your signature look it is a look that is warranted for consideration as the winter approaches.

Not just because it’s a holiday color but because of the warmth of the color. If you’re not a fan of red lipstick (like I once was) try lip colors that are at least in the red family. Don’t be afraid to try red this year!

My signature red lipstick by M.A.C.

My signature red nail polish by O.P.I.

He said there’s two of them

He said there’s two of them

Do you like fragrance? Candles?

There is nothing like a clean house that smells good!

A few years ago I took a family vacation and went on a Modern Home Tour as a thing to do (yes this was all apart of the itinerary). I’ve been on quite a few home tours and I’ve never experienced a setting where I can smell the aroma of the inside of the house 10 ft away from the front door. I know you are probably thinking “wow that must have been a strong smell!” Well I tell you that it wasn’t. It was the most romantic soft smell I have ever inhaled.

Every guest that entered complimented the homeowner on the scent. I was intrigued so I asked. The owner tells me that there were two candles burning. One of the candles that was nearest to the front door was called Rosemary Lavender. The other that was in the adjacent kitchen was called Gold.

Hmmm, I have to research this! I will be honest it was a bit pricey for candles. Which I should have known I mean we were touring custom designer homes so of course the owners could afford to spend more than $12 on a candle! It bothered me to spend so much money on candles to say the least. I’m your Bath and Body Works and TJ Maxx candle type of girl. These two candles weren’t even sold in any stores in my state! Well I waited for 3 years before purchasing these candles and aren’t I happy I did! You can smell these candles even when they aren’t burning and I’ve received many compliments on them.


Soi Candles Rosemary Lavender

Niven Morgan Gold Candle

Ever been to a Modern Home Tour?

You are missing out if you’ve never done a Modern Home Tour. Just search Modern Home Tour on the web and you’ll see a load of architectural companies that hosts modern home tours all over and throughout the year. The tours are not model homes they are the actual residential homes. I think Home tours are a great way to get Home Decor ideas.

I want a designer closet

I want a designer closet

You’ve seen the nice closet online. You know the walk in closet that’s probably all white and has a chandelier or two in it. The clothes are all neatly organized and color coded. The hangers are all the same and there is probably some fresh flowers sitting somewhere on a closet shelf.

Well… after seeing so many designer closets like the one I described I wanted one of my own. But one problem., the cost was way beyond my budget! Oops..

Have you ever experienced that? Did you let it discourage you?

Let me tell you that although it takes time and work a DIY closet is far better than paying thousands to have one professionally built. After seeing how an IKEA pax closet system, when done right, can look like a designer closet I became convinced. You don’t have to buy from IKEA. You can buy what you need from any store that sells organizing items such as The Container Store, Home Depot, Walmart, Target and Lowes just to name a few.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your closet space is you can inexpensively create a nice, cozy area. Is your closet space small? Brighten it up with light colors. Do you have a lack of shelf space? Why not install floating shelves. Need some ideas of re creating your space? I would love to help…email me!

Length of my project: 3 months

(I demo’d the closet myself and my husband helped assemble the IKEA Pax system)

What else did I use?

– Amazon velvet hangers (TJ Maxx have them too!)

– Chandeliers from Home Depot

– Floor runner from Home Depot

– Gray bins from The Container Store

– 8 section drawer for Ties from The Container Store


In process:


DIY Antique Barn Doors

DIY Antique Barn Doors


So I wanted to share my DIY venture in creating and (basically) building two antique barn doors. In my last post I stated that my husband and I bought an older home (built in the 50’s) and although it was renovated/updated by this house flipping company it still needed our personal touch!

Originally there were outdoor patio sliding doors that separated the living room from another room/den (which I eventually turned into a man cave 🙂 ). The sliding doors looked so outdoor’ish! I hated it. So on my little Pinterest quest I saw these amazing Vintage Barn doors and I wanted them badly. I searched online, for like 2 weeks, to find out where I can purchase these doors! Well needless to say I finally got ahold of the Company who posted the picture. It was the hardware company who sold barn door tracks. They told me that the vintage barn doors were actually old Church doors that the owners had found laying on the side of the road!!

Say what?! No way!

What do I do? Spend the next couple of weeks driving around hoping to come across the same. Well., I was not successful. Then one day (four months later) after staring disappointedly at the picture of the barn doors on Pinterest a thought came into my head. “I bet I can re create a similar look!”

And… I did all by myself.

I bought:

– Two “82 x 46” birch slab doors from Home Depot

– Trim moulding

– Two 8′ stainless steel barn door track from Amazon

– Two stainless steel sliding door handles

– White chalk paint from Lowes

– Amy Howard “Luxe Grey” paint

– Amy Howard cracked patina

– Amy Howard Antiquing wax

Man cave side

– Minwax wood stain in gray from Lowes

Interested to find out more about this DIY project? Feel free to email me.

The Pinterest post

My version:

Man cave side

Take a break . . .

Take a break . . .

My husband and I recently traveled to the Southwest side of the states. Our last getaway was 2 years ago so it was needed. I am a believer in getting away from the routine of things, break up the monotony girls. I traveled very much growing up so I’m a little wired to want to get away.

But honestly as women, although we are strong, are very much deserving of a break! Your break can be a simple spa or massage day, ladies night out or… a plane ticket to some laid back spot. Ladies, take a break! Actually men and women alike…take a break! lol

On this note I wanted to share a little secret spot right here in the states where you will literally feel like you’re off on some retreated island for a fraction of the cost.

Timber Cove, Jenner California.

I have to mention a little disclaimer however, if you’re not afraid of heights, windy roads, cliffs, water, narrow roads with no guard rails, and a place without reception then… you have to go visit this spot. (lol, but serious).

Another thing I am a believer in is planning, plan, plan! If you’re not a planner allow me to assist 🙂  Planning a trip will help utilize your time and money when vacationing somewhere.

Who wants to spend money only to have it wasted because you did not take  advantage of exploring the place you’re visiting??

How big of a DIYer are you?

How big of a DIYer are you?

So it all started about 4 years ago when my husband and I bought our first home together (and I came into knowledge of Pinterest, oh and got pricey quotes from different companies and businesses). I thought to myself “you know what I think I can do this renovation myself!”

I first started with the most irritating area of my house (my master closet) and then I went to town on tearing out the shelves, taking measurements, drawing up a walk-in closet design (with the help of Pinterest) and pricing some options of cheap but sturdy material.

Curious to find out what happened? How it turned out? Be on the lookout for my Master Closet Reno blog!

Also, feel free to visit my Pinterest page and view my Closet Organization Ideas board for where I got my ideas from.

The simple black dress

The simple black dress

I know you’ve seen the dresses that are too flary, too tight, too short, too colorful, too much pattern, too big and the list goes on and on. But what happened to the little, simple, cute black dress? You know the dress that you can go to work in and then spice up later with a blazer, scarf, or accessories for a late night dinner.

Well, I found this cute laced bottom black dress at TJ Maxx for just $19.99 and let me tell you the material was not cheap. TJ Maxx has some great dresses, preferably their solid colored dresses. Haven’t been to TJ Maxx in a while for clothing? You just might want to pay them a visit.

‘My Little Black dress’ may sound cliche but they still make a statement and will always be original. Especially if you wear it with bright bold lips and nail color.

Another fashion tip I’d like to bring up is ‘Coat Slinging.’ I recently read a post that totally bashed coat slinging stating that it doesn’t stay on your shoulders, you can’t hug people etc., etc. However, Coat Slinging in my opinion is classy. While wearing this style isn’t meant to be worn while going out dancing, it is meant to be worn if you anticipate sitting pretty at a dinner table across from your date. I don’t know maybe it’s my obsession with the 50’s and 60’s era. It says “I’m a mature, sophisticated woman” when it’s done right..it’s a vintage and classic look.

Do you think you could pull off a Coat Slinging look or would you dare try?

(FYI the red blazer is from Ann Taylor)