Curly updo

So last week (or two) I spoke about one of my bad hair day styles (the wavy hair). Well here’s another one – my curly hair updo.

I use my flexi rods 🙂 to achieve this look and I do this pinup/Mohawk hair style. I love this style and have received many compliments about it. So if you’re having a bad hair day try skipping the pony tails/scrunchies and hair clips and experiment with flexi rods!

For more information on flexi rods see my ‘Wavy hair girl’ post!

Wavy hair girl

Wavy hair girl

When it’s time for my hair to get done I rock what I call my “layover” look – which is wavy hair. It is such a change and it gives me a different edgier look while I hold out a few days from getting it done. The best thing I like is that I don’t have to use heat on my hair to get this look. I use Flexi Rods! They are my favorite hair styling tool to get wavy hair! After I came across this pin on Pinterest it was all game on selecting how big I wanted my wave pattern. Here is how I achieve this look:

  • Apply ORS Smooth N Hold pudding (such great product that will hold your waves or curls, leaves your hair shiny, and keeps your hair flexible)
  • I part my hair to four sections
  • Twist each section and wrap around the flexi rod
  • Leave the rods in overnight
  • In the AM pull the curls apart to my desired fullness

If I get enough requests I will post a video of my styling technique!

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