What a wonderful fragrance

Here’s another signature of mine. The fragrance and perfume designer Thierry Mugler.

My spring and summer fragrance is Angel.

My fall and winter fragrance is Alien.

There is some truth to when they say that your body chemistry has to connect with the fragrance in order for others to be able to smell what you’re wearing.

One of the big things I love about Thierry Mugler is that once you buy his fragrance you can refill your bottle for less than your original purchase amount (I encourage you to buy it at a major chain store for this option). Another thing is that at Dillards for sure you can get your perfume bottle engraved with your name if you should choose. Or if you decide to buy it for someone as a gift you can engrave their name on the bottle.

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The fragrance hues in Angel are bergamot, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel, and patchouli.

Alien fragrance hues are sambac jasmine, cashmeran wood, amber gris.

He said there’s two of them

He said there’s two of them

Do you like fragrance? Candles?

There is nothing like a clean house that smells good!

A few years ago I took a family vacation and went on a Modern Home Tour as a thing to do (yes this was all apart of the itinerary). I’ve been on quite a few home tours and I’ve never experienced a setting where I can smell the aroma of the inside of the house 10 ft away from the front door. I know you are probably thinking “wow that must have been a strong smell!” Well I tell you that it wasn’t. It was the most romantic soft smell I have ever inhaled.

Every guest that entered complimented the homeowner on the scent. I was intrigued so I asked. The owner tells me that there were two candles burning. One of the candles that was nearest to the front door was called Rosemary Lavender. The other that was in the adjacent kitchen was called Gold.

Hmmm, I have to research this! I will be honest it was a bit pricey for candles. Which I should have known I mean we were touring custom designer homes so of course the owners could afford to spend more than $12 on a candle! It bothered me to spend so much money on candles to say the least. I’m your Bath and Body Works and TJ Maxx candle type of girl. These two candles weren’t even sold in any stores in my state! Well I waited for 3 years before purchasing these candles and aren’t I happy I did! You can smell these candles even when they aren’t burning and I’ve received many compliments on them.


Soi Candles Rosemary Lavender

Niven Morgan Gold Candle

Ever been to a Modern Home Tour?

You are missing out if you’ve never done a Modern Home Tour. Just search Modern Home Tour on the web and you’ll see a load of architectural companies that hosts modern home tours all over and throughout the year. The tours are not model homes they are the actual residential homes. I think Home tours are a great way to get Home Decor ideas.