Russian Hill

Another stop of my baycation to California was experiencing the drive down Russian Hill in San Fransisco.

I had happen to find this cool spot through a Pinterest post. So my husband and I decided to check it out. I am so happy we did! The pink hydrangeas that landscape this stunning Hill are absolutely beautiful! The greenery was so bright and energizing. The Hill is a bit steep and windy (to my taste) but it was exciting! There are a lot of tourist that drive this hill so it can be a bit busy and with a lot of traffic.

If you’ve never been to San Francisco before and you’re planning a visit please be sure to check out the Russian Hill! It is a really cool scenic drive!

Me + Flowers

  • Gardenia
  • Roses
  • Lilly flowers
  • Hydrangeas
  • Peonies (gorgeous flower)
  • Tulips
  • Snapdragon (love these!!)

I l.o.v.e them all! My husband will surprise me every now and then with flowers because he knows I love them but sometimes I shower myself with fresh flowers.

I will admit that I have at times had floral arrangements all over my house in different areas with no special occasion planned. 😊

There is something about fresh flowers that makes me feel calm and fresh. The only drawback is that I want them to last a lifetime and they don’t! Lol. Fresh flowers can also be pretty expensive too. So I often opt for white Baby’s Breath. When they are full enough in a vase they add a very nice touch to any area.

Why wait for someone to buy you flowers? Treat yourself…you deserve it!