The Grand Canyon

Before our trip to California part of my baycation  was to include a stop in Arizona. This was my second time here but my husband’s first so I had to take him to see the Grand Canyon! Oh my, do I love the Grand Canyon.

This great wonder of the world is immensely massive and picturesque. The Canyon is silent yet it says so much about the earth, about nature, about God. I was quite surprised at how many Californians have never been there to say they live so close.

Let’s talk about the route to the Grand Canyon. You can access different points of the Canyon through different methods. We were staying in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Andaz Hotel and Spa (that place is so gorgeous that it deserves a post to itself) so being we were staying in Scottsdale we were nearest to the South Rim. You really can not go wrong with your desired method of transportation to the Grand Canyon – the drive there is stunning with rolling mountains and a scenic route (it took us 3.5 hours driving time… lots of bonding opportunity :-)). The first time I went with my family we took the train ride which was also beautiful! If you’re daring enough you can also get there via helicopter :-).

If you’re not too adventurous (like us :-/) you can actually visit the Grand Canyon in one day (like we did) and just sight-see and take lots of marvelous pictures (and also live bi-curiously through the other visitors who sit and take pics at the edge of the cliffs :-0) I felt the day trip was not too much or overwhelming. We were able to get back in Scottsdale before it became too dark around 7 pm. If you are adventurous then you might want to consider staying there a couple of days at one of the hotels outside of the park. There’s hiking, donkey rides, and water rafting – so there’s plenty to do.

Well enough said on the Grand Canyon. Words can only express so much. If you’ve never been it’s one of those places that you’ll  just have to see it to believe it.


Take a break . . .

Take a break . . .

My husband and I recently traveled to the Southwest side of the states. Our last getaway was 2 years ago so it was needed. I am a believer in getting away from the routine of things, break up the monotony girls. I traveled very much growing up so I’m a little wired to want to get away.

But honestly as women, although we are strong, are very much deserving of a break! Your break can be a simple spa or massage day, ladies night out or… a plane ticket to some laid back spot. Ladies, take a break! Actually men and women alike…take a break! lol

On this note I wanted to share a little secret spot right here in the states where you will literally feel like you’re off on some retreated island for a fraction of the cost.

Timber Cove, Jenner California.

I have to mention a little disclaimer however, if you’re not afraid of heights, windy roads, cliffs, water, narrow roads with no guard rails, and a place without reception then… you have to go visit this spot. (lol, but serious).

Another thing I am a believer in is planning, plan, plan! If you’re not a planner allow me to assist 🙂  Planning a trip will help utilize your time and money when vacationing somewhere.

Who wants to spend money only to have it wasted because you did not take  advantage of exploring the place you’re visiting??